Lot de x4 piles Mazda, LR03, AAA, alcaline 1.5V

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Lot de x4 piles Mazda, LR03, AAA, alcaline 1.5V



Pack of 4 Alkaline ( 1.5V ) High Power batteries, size AAA (LR03), Mazda powered by XanLite Number of batteries: 4 Battery size: AAA (LR03) Long life, for any product using this type of batteries

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Product advantagesPiles alcalines High Power
DimensionsØ 44 mm x 10,5 mm
Voltage230 V~ / 50Hz
Batteries - Rechargeable batteries - Transformersx4 piles AAA (LR03)
Nombre de pièces1

The essential longer! Set of 8 Alkaline batteries ( 1.5V ) High Power, Mazda, size AAA , or LR03. The Mazda batteries, powered by XanLite, has been designed to provide reliable power for all household appliances, low and medium voltage. So Mazda High Power batteries will provide you with quality power that lasts longer. These multi-purpose batteries will be ideal for everyday devices such as remote controls, computer smiles, flashlights, motorized toys, game consoles, etc., but also for your flashlights and walkmans! Notes : Mazda, with more than 100 years of experience in the field of batteries, and XanLite, the French lighting specialist, have joined forces in an exclusive partnership with a common goal: to offer you quality products at the best prices. Attention, a few rules to be respected: At each use, respect the polarities of the battery (+/-) These batteries are not rechargeable batteries. Do not open them. Do not bring them near flammable products or heat sources. Do not mix new and used batteries of different brands or types. Keep out of the reach of children. Do not swallow. If swallowed, contact a doctor immediately. Recyclable. Do not dispose of in conventional waste bins. Also discover our entire range of batteries (AAA, AA batteries in sets of 4 or 8) and battery testers!

Lot de x4 piles Mazda, LR03, AAA, alcaline 1.5V

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