Pack de 5 Ampoules LED (G95), culot E27, conso. 9,5W (eq. 60W), 806 lumens, blanc chaud

Pack de 5 Ampoules LED (G95), culot E27, conso. 9,5W (eq. 60W), 806 lumens, blanc chaud

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Standard LED bulb (A60), with E27 screw base for quick and easy installation. With a color temperature of 2700K and a warm white appearance, this SupraLED bulb will provide a warm light to your interior. It will be ideal for your moments of relaxation in living rooms and bedrooms. We also recommend this product for restaurants, hotels, bars or any other establishment that wants to bring a relaxing and cocooning atmosphere in its spaces. Equipped with LED technology, it has a low energy consumption of 5W, equivalent to the lighting of a 40W incandescent bulb. This will allow you to make energy savings (up to 90%) to reduce your electricity bills. In addition, this bulb lights up instantly without heating up, which allows it to have a longer life: up to 15,000 hours or the equivalent of 3 years of lighting at a rate of 2.7h/day. In particular, this will save you from having to replace your bulbs every year. In addition to all the advantages of this LED bulb, it is important to know that it is also recyclable at all Recyclum collection points.

Data sheet

Consumption6.5 W
Equivalence40 W
Brightness470 lumens
Operating life15000 hrs
Dimensions110 x Ø60 mm
Colour temperature2700K
Light colourWarm white
Number of lighting cyclesx 30000
Voltage230 V~ / 50Hz
Dimmer switch compatibleNo
Energy classA+
Factored energy consumption ( in kWh/1000h)5 kWh / 1000h
Fixing methodSupraLED
OtherDo not use with a dimmer switch
Shape / TypeA60
Amperage42 mA
IP indexIP20: Protected against solid bodies upper to 12.5mm
Réduction BUT#
Durée de garantie5 ans
Nombre de pièces1
Forme du produitStandard A60