Pack de 8 Ampoules LED spot, culot GU10, 6W cons. (50W eq.), lumière blanc chaud, dimmable par switch 10% - 50% -100%

Pack de 8 Ampoules LED spot, culot GU10, 6W cons. (50W eq.), lumière blanc chaud, dimmable par switch 10% - 50% -100%

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A light bulb that will vary your lighting with a simple switch : An innovative technology: DIM-K bulbs allow you to vary the intensity of the light with a classic switch.  Choose between three degrees of light intensity, from a powerful light to a subdued atmosphere without modifying your installation. So it adapts to you throughout the day. It is very easy to install, as it is screwed onto a luminaire with a GU10 base with a quarter-turn. A long life: Equipped with LED technology, these bulbs do not heat up, which allows them to have a long life (up to 15,000h) and saves you from replacing your bulbs every year. Low consumption: LED technology allows you to save energy (up to 90%) to reduce your electricity bill. An adapted luminous temperature: With a light temperature of 2700K, these bulbs offer a warm lighting in your interior. It will be ideal for your moments of relaxation in living rooms and bedrooms. Warning: this bulb is an electrical category product, please do not leave it within reach of children. The technical characteristics of our products are indicative, they may be subject to change following European regulations, technical improvements or technological developments.

Data sheet

Product advantagesSmart LED bulb with built-in dimmer
Consumption6 W
Equivalence50 W
Operating life15000 hrs
DimensionsØ 50 x 60 mm
Colour temperature2700 K
Light colourWarm white
Number of lighting cyclesx 100 000
Voltage230 V~ / 50Hz
Dimmer switch compatibleNo
Energy classA+
Factored energy consumption ( in kWh/1000h)6 kWh / 1000h
Protection ratingIP20
OtherThis lightbulb has a built-in dimmer.
Shape / TypeSpot
Réduction BUT#
Durée de garantie5 ans
Nombre de pièces1
Forme du produitSpot
Hauteur (cm)5,00