Pack de 12 Piquets « Papillon » LED solaires, Multicolores, IP44 - Spécial extérieur

Pack de 12 Piquets « Papillon » LED solaires, Multicolores, IP44 - Spécial extérieur

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"Butterfly" post Multicolour solar LED (RGB), with plastic and silicone finishes in a modern style. Thanks to its pointed end, this solar product is very easy to fix in the ground while having an optimal stabilization. Offering a wide range of colours, this butterfly-shaped post will bring a colourful touch to your garden. Personalize your exteriors by adding colour to your terraces, balconies, patios, flowerbeds or shrubs. Guaranteed IP44, this "Butterfly" post has been specially designed for outdoor use, so it will resist bad weather in summer and winter. This solar product does not require a power supply, and has an autonomy of up to 8 hours. Why choose solar lighting? The main advantage of choosing solar lighting is that it does not require a power supply. In other words, no more connections! No trenches to dig, no cables to pull! Your solar product is ecological and green, the solar panel does not produce any harmful gases and the solar energy is renewable. Finally, the economic aspect is present since the use of solar lighting does not impact your electricity bill! It is important to choose your solar lighting carefully. Indeed, the solar contributions in France are sufficient whatever the region during the summer. However, at the end of the summer season and in winter, the difference is greater between the north and the south. Note that the sun is always present, and even on cloudier days, the solar panels can still absorb some solar energy, but will not have the efficiency it can have in summer (lower autonomy). It is still very important to tilt the solar panel linked to the lighting in an optimal way and not to obstruct it. It will be necessary to think of cleaning it in a regular way so that the solar panel is exposed as much as possible to the rays of the sun. All our solar products are equipped with LED technology. They have multiple advantages such as a more efficient diffusion of light, a longer lifespan and a guaranteed manufacture without harmful products such as mercury.

Data sheet

Dimensions25Ø cm
Light colourRGB
Dimmer switch compatibleNo
Fixing methodXANLITE
Shape / TypeProjecteur à piquer
IP indexIP44: Protected against solid bodies upper to 1mm. Protected against water splash from any directions.
Réduction BUT#
Durée de garantie2 ans
Nombre de pièces1
Forme du produitBalise
Hauteur (cm)56,00