Standard shape bulb with E27 base, it adapts to the majority of luminaires. With its consumption of 15W (i.e. a lighting power equivalent to that of a 100W incandescent bulb), and its "warm white" lighting colour (2700K), it will be ideal for lighting your living rooms. Energy class: A+

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Consumption 11.2 W
Equivalence 75 W
Brightness 1055 lumens
Angle 180°
Base E27
Operating life 15000 hrs
Dimensions Ø 60 x 110 mm
Colour temperature 2700 K
Light colour Warm white
Number of lighting cycles x 30 000
Voltage 230 V~ / 50Hz
Dimmer switch compatible Yes
IRC >80
Energy class A+
Factored energy consumption ( in kWh/1000h) 12 kWh / 1000h
Material Plastique
Protection rating IP20
Shape / Type A60
Amperage 93 mA
Durée de garantie 5 ans
This standard shaped bulb (diameter 6.5 cm and height 13.1 cm) will be ideal to replace your old bulbs (halogen or incandescent). Indeed, its standard size and large E27 screw base will fit most fixtures. Moreover, it will allow you to save energy: it consumes only 15W, for a lighting power equivalent to that of a 100W incandescent bulb. With its 1521 lumens (luminous flux defined by the quantity of light generated), it is therefore perfectly suited for lighting large rooms (over 15 m²). Its lighting angle of 200°, will give you a wide and homogeneous lighting. In addition, its lighting colour, known as "warm white" (2700 Kelvin), will bring a warm atmosphere to your interiors, for a soft but efficient lighting. This colour temperature is ideal for your moments of relaxation. Moreover, this bulb is said to be dimmable. That is to say that it is compatible with a dimmer. This allows you to adapt the intensity of your light to each of your activities and each moment of the day. This bulb is also available in a neutral white version (4000 Kelvin), for a lighting as close as possible to daylight. Opting for LED technology means choosing light bulbs that use less energy: up to 80% energy savings. Safer: thanks to its technology, the glass of a LED bulb heats only very slightly. Thus, the risks of burns and fire are greatly reduced, allowing a more diversified use of the bulb (low suspension, bulb on a table lamp without a lampshade, low spotlight, etc.). Another important element is that LEDs do not produce UV or infrared radiation and are not composed of any dangerous products (such as mercury, for example). Lasting: LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than other technologies. XanLite LED bulbs have a life of 15,000 hours (about 7x longer than a conventional bulb). Warning: these bulbs are electrical grade products, so be sure to keep them out of the reach of children.

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