Construction site projector 1 head LED integrated 10W.cons (800 lumens)

Projecteur filaire - 700 lumens - ultra plat sur trépied View larger

Construction site projector 1 head LED integrated 10W.cons (800 lumens)



This tripod wired projector is designed for home and do-it-yourself lighting. It is the ideal solution when you need temporary lighting. Its compact size allows you to store it easily, and its light weight makes it easy to carry. Simple to install, its swivel head allows you to direct the light to the area of your choice.

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Consumption 10 W
Brightness 700 lumens
Angle 120°
Operating life 25,000 hrs
Dimensions 160 x 26 x 120 mm Tripod: 180 mm max.
Colour temperature 6500 K
Light colour Cool white
Number of lighting cycles x 12 500
Voltage 230 V~ / 50Hz
Dimmer switch compatible No
Energy class Luminaire LED : classe énergie entre A++ et A
Factored energy consumption ( in kWh/1000h) 10 kWh / 1000h
Power Mains
Lighting range 30 m
Other Do not use with a dimmer switch
Shape / Type Floodlight
IK index IK07
IP index IP44: Protected against solid bodies upper to 1mm. Protected against water splash from any directions.
Efficient site lighting for your indoor and outdoor work: This spotlight with a modern design and made of durable materials is the ideal solution for optimal lighting during your work. Concentrated technology it has many advantages that will meet your needs: A wired floodlight: thanks to its 1.5m cable connect your floodlight to a wall socket and enjoy its lighting on your building sites. A power adapted to each surface: For lighting during DIY work (painting) in a 10m² room, choose a single-head 10W projector. For domestic work outdoors or on large surfaces, opt for a 10W 2-head projector or a 20W 2-head projector. A tripod for any use: Thanks to its tripod you can put your projector on a sloping floor and keep a stable lighting. The telescopic tripod allows you to illuminate the area of your choice from a height of 80cm to 180cm. A semi-opaque honeycomb surface: With its opaque white coating and honeycomb structure, your light is diffused evenly. Lightweight and mobile: The compact size and light weight of this projector make it a mobile tool suitable for indoor and outdoor use in your domestic work. A pivoting head : Install your light and direct it according to your needs from top to bottom. A protection against bad weather : The watertightness of wall floodlights allows them to be installed and used outdoors in all weather conditions. Protection class IP65. Warning: this product is of electrical category, do not leave it within reach of children.
Projecteur filaire - 700 lumens - ultra plat sur trépied

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